Guru Harkrishan Public School

Guru Harkrishan Public School, Karol Bagh was established in 1977 as an extended branch of GHPS India Gate under the aegis of DSGMC. Initially the school started as primary school with 250 students. The school was granted recognition by the Directorate of Education in 1991 and subsequently CBSE Affiliation came about in 1993.

Guru Harkrishan Public School aims to impart quality education to students with a wider vision of developing their intellectual and spiritual potential to enable them to grow into individuals possessing integrity, self esteem, knowledge skills and values with awareness of social justice and world peace. The message given by our Guru Sahiban has been enshrined in the school motto :- "Vidya Vichari Ta Parupkari" which means he is learned indeed who does good to others.

Vision & Mission

Guru Harkrishan Public School is a school with a difference. It has a message and it has an exalted aim. The message given by our beloved Guru which has been enshrined in the school motto: “Vidya VichariTa’nParupkari”.

Rendered into English, it means that “he is learned indeed who does good to others.” The exalted aim is to produce ideal members of society…the ideal students of Guru Harkrishan Public , Karol Bagh who possess knowledge, skills, character which others would like to emulate and who have balanced personalities steeped in spiritual values.

"Together may we give our children the roots to grow and wings to fly"

  • The school offers co-scholastic activities alongwith academics for the overall development of the scholars in the school and strictly adheres to the curriculum set up by CBSE.
  • Celebrations are an integral part of the school curriculum and at GHPS Karol Bagh, we celebrate Sangrand, Gurupurabs and National Festivals to imbibe the right values in our students. This is how the students of the school pay obeisance to our revered Guru Sahiban Legendary Sikh Martyrs.
  • The children are also mentored by trained staff for learning Kirtan rendition based on ragas and the Sikh Martial Art (Gatka). Our students also participate in various Inter School Competitions at Zonal, District and State Level and bring laurels for the school.
  • Various counseling sessions are also held throughout the year for enlightening the students on adolescent issues, stream selection at the undergraduate level, career options, education abroad etc.
  • Awareness on child abuse is imparted to students from time to time. Knowledge on Self Defence Techniques which is a counter measure that involves protection of one self against the heinous crimes taking place in the society is disseminated en masse by the professionals associated with NGO's.
  • To enhance the theological approach of the students and inculcate in them the worthy ideals in life, Divinity Teaching is imparted by the trained Divinity Staff in school. The children are motivated for Amrit Sewan & Charni Lagna. The teachings of our revered Guru Sahiban are also shared.
  • Art Education plays a pivotal role for students who were keen to become Future Picasso's and trained Art Faculty trains them.
  • Training students through Work Experience wherein they can learn new creative talent as well as hone the previously existing ones through pragmatic approach. Hence encouraging the sense of life skills.
  • In order to spread awareness on various vital subjects related issues various Clubs have been formulated. Our students are not only members of these clubs but are active participants too. We have :
    • 1) Eco Club
    • 2) Health & Wellness Club
    • 3) Disaster Management Club
  • To give an insight on the safety measures to be followed at the time of Disaster like-Earthquake & Fire, Mock Drills are conducted.
  • The Continuous Professional Development Programme for Teachers in the form of Seminars Workshops are planned from time to time. The main initiative is to promote Teachers for apply new methods of teaching in the class room by making it more innovative and interactive. At our level, the Guru Harkrishan Public School, (New Delhi) Society is in collaboration with Helga Todd Foundation from U.K. & is providing in service training programme to the teachers.