The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education for the All India Secondary School and All India Senior Secondary Certificate Examination. As such, it follows the syllabus laid down by the Board from time to time. Within the framework of these courses the school aims at the development of the children’s individuality through a balanced programme of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth at all stages. It tries to do it by:

  • Promoting an understanding and appreciation of our cultural heritage while simultaneously stimulating desirable change in our traditional cultural pattern.
  • Moulding the students alter the image of the citizens, as visualized in the Constitution of India.
  • Relating learning to Work Education and the socio-economic situation of the country, besides giving a corpus of information and its understanding and application.
  • Encouraging rationalism and scientific attitude.
  • Emphasizing the qualities of simplicity, integrity, tolerance and co-operation in all aspects of life. These objectives are achieved through well-designed scholastic and non-scholastic programmes.