The school is divided into four Houses namely Baba Ajit Singh , Baba Jujhar Singh, Baba Zorawar Singh, Baba Fateh Singh House. These provide an opportunity for the healthy competition among students, fostering good citizenship, loyalty & leadership qualities in them.

House House Colour
1. Baba Ajit Singh House Orange
2. Baba Jujhar Singh House Blue
3. Baba Zorawar Singh House Red
4. Baba Fateh Singh House Yellow

There will be a House on Duty every fortnight with the following specific responsibilities:

  • Thought provoking display at the Main Bulletin Board near the entrance.
  • Maintenance of discipline in the school campus during the fortnight when the House is on duty as per the duty list.

Head Boy / Head Girl / Prefects

  • To act as extended arms of the school authorities and to help in various matters connected with the school organization.
  • To maintain discipline in school campus and allot duties to students when their House is on duty.
  • To assist in conducting of the Inter House Events or otherwise.
  • To ensure the use of English as the only medium of communication.