Student Facilities

The School is self-sufficient, as far as possible, regarding the minor day -to -day requirements of the students, when on campus. For this purpose the following facilities are provided:

School Library

The library is the nerve centre of the school. It provides material to supplement and enrich instructions and guidance given in the class room. As the school caters to a wide range of students we have organized library services differently at different stages.

In the Primary Segment, the school follows the class library system. According to this a set of about 50 books as per standard of the students is provided to the class teacher. She issues books to the students by rotation.

Students of the Middle and Senior Segments of the school have fixed library periods, in which they visit the main library of the school to read magazines, periodicals and books. Besides this, they utilize these periods for getting the books issued to them.


School has a very spacious and well ventilated canteen where snacks, drinks (hot & cold) and eatables can be purchased by the students at reasonable rates. Canteen committee keeps a check on the quality of the kitchen and its surroundings. The canteen is open to the students during the breaks only.

Book Shop

The book shop is located in the school Campus. The students can purchase their text books and stationery as per the school timings.

Medical Aid

The school has a full time active health care and a part-time doctor, who visits the school every day. They attend to the minor ailments of students and also provide first aid in case of an emergency.