The lives of our Guru Sahibaan have been exemplary too. Hence , it becomes important to draw lessons in good living & character building from the philosophy expounded in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as well as the sublime lives of our worthy Gurus.

A child’s formative years of life are spent at home & in the environs of the school. The values and habits fostered at this stage are instrumental in the physical , emotional, social & spiritual well being of the child. Children should grow up, being aware of the detrimental consequence of wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, business without ethics, science without human consideration & politics without principles.

With an objective of developing positive human behavior, it is imperative to integrate basic themes of compassion , sharing ,respect for human dignity , conflict resolution, responsible citizenship, peaceful co-existence and caring for the planet etc. in curriculum transaction. Keeping this in mind, activities have been designed for the students with the aim of providing holistic development & experiential learning, quite in tune with Nanak’s vision of

  • Assembly Presentation
  • Talk/Exposition by Sikh Luminaries
  • Inter – House Events / Competitions
  • Divinity periods allocated twice in the weekly Time Table.
  • Assessments , using different tools & techniques like projects, research based activities, Assignments ,worksheets, Debates, Declamation , Educational Visits, Role Play , Group Discussions etc.